Bills That I Have Written

Details for each bill can be found on my NJ Legislature Page.

A3591 "New Voter Empowerment Act"; permits 17 year olds to vote in primary election if they turn 18 years old before next succeeding general election.
A3783 Allows county and municipal police departments to establish designated safe areas for Internet purchase transactions; establishes public awareness campaign.
A3784 Establishes central registry of residents with special needs for use during emergencies.
A3883 Authorizes New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend certain sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2017.
A4033 Establishes program in EDA providing tax credits and exemptions to certain qualified data centers.
A4050 Directs Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to forgive certain student loans in the event of student borrower death or total and permanent disability and grant deferment for temporary total disability.
A4060 Requires MVC to offer driver's license knowledge test in certain languages.
A4225 Requires DOH to establish comprehensive searchable website concerning educational programs and resources available to special education students.
A4327 Amends list of environmental infrastructure projects approved for long-term funding for FY 2017 to include new projects and revise allowable loan amounts.
AR155 Condemns bigotry and hatred.
AR182 Commemorates 100th anniversary of founding of Planned Parenthood.
AR183 Urges Congress and President to enact legislation to ensure students have access to debt-free higher education at public colleges and universities.