Bills I Am Sponsoring

Details for each bill can be found on my NJ Legislature page.

2016-2017 Session

A222 "New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act"; authorizes issuance of $125,000,000 in general obligation bonds to finance capital projects at public libraries; appropriates $5,000.

A384 Creates "New Jersey Life Sciences Internship Challenge" program.

A441 Establishes solar power incentive program.

A501 Establishes certain requirements for use of physical restraint on students with disabilities in school districts and approved private schools for students with disabilities.

A547 Restricts use of isolated confinement in correctional facilities.

A614 Establishes NJ STEM Entrepreneur Fellowship Program in DOLWD.

A725 Requires independent State authority member to disclose contractual relationship between authority and authority member's relatives.

A780 Implements 2014 constitutional dedication of CBT revenues for certain environmental purposes; revises State's open space, farmland, and historic preservation programs.

A909 Establishes Behavioral Health Insurance Claims Advocacy Program.

A1034 Requires Commissioner of Community Affairs to compile and annually update list of all unfunded State and federal mandates on municipalities and counties.

A1211 Revises certain laws concerning domestic violence and firearms.

A1315 Exempts military personnel receiving combat zone pay from the gross income tax.

A1464 Authorizes health care providers to engage in telemedicine and teleheath. 

A1477 Provides gross income tax credit for certain contributions to New Jersey Better Educational Savings Trust (NJBEST) program.

A1479 Permits developer to qualify for low-interest loan from NJEDA when building a high performance green building.

A1482 "Plastic Container Recycling Enhancement Act."

A1484 Requires installation of operational automatic rain sensor on lawn sprinklers as condition of sale and on lawn sprinklers on commercial, retail or industrial property and in common interest communities within specified timeframes.

A1485 The "Green Building Tax Credit Act."

A1488 The "Renewable Energy District Financing Act."

A1493 Clarifies intent of P.L.2007, c.340 regarding NJ's required participation in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

A1503 Clarifies procedures for closing active child protective services cases.

A1757 Requires public institutions of higher education to waive or reimburse application fees and transcript fees for veterans and members of the military.

A1759 Establishes renewable energy portfolio standards.

A1834 Requires DOH license additional angioplasty facilities, with at least one facility in each county.

A1899 Allows tax credits for development of qualified wind energy facilities in certain portfield sites.

A1926 Provides for transfer and sale of inactive liquor licenses for use in qualifying smart growth municipalities.

A2202 Authorizes special emergency appropriations for the payment of certain expenses incurred by municipalities to implement a municipal consolidation.

A2203 Establishes requirements for provision of energy from Class I renewable energy sources.

A2297 Requires health insurance coverage for contraceptives to include prescriptions for 12 months.

A2337 Requires health insurers to limit patient cost-sharing and provide appeal process concerning certain prescription drug coverage.

A2374 Requires Attorney General to establish Statewide gun buyback program.

A2394 Establishes public-private alternative fueling station pilot program and requires DOT to conduct study.

A2417 Requires large food waste generators to separate and recycle food waste and amends definition of "Class I renewable energy."

A2443 Prohibits firearm possession by persons convicted of certain offenses.*

A2445 Creates Office of Clean Energy in BPU.

A2462 Extends post-military service protection against mortgage foreclosure.

A2509 Revises procedure for issuance of amended birth certificate for person who has undergone change in sex.

A2547 Permits small businesses to qualify for loans from NJEDA for costs of energy audit and making energy efficiency or conservation improvements.

A2565 Allows NJ STARS and NJ STARS II scholarship recipients to maintain program eligibility in the event that medical condition or recent death of parent or spouse prevents enrollment as full-time student.

A2665 Extends health benefits coverage of a newborn infant.

A2674 Establishes "Blue Alert System."

A2844 Amends Fiscal Year 2016 budget to provide one-half of certain environmental damage amounts recovered are appropriated for costs of remediation, restoration, and clean up.

A2950 "Combat to College Act"; grants priority course registration to military service members and veterans attending public institutions of higher education.

A2951 Requires public institutions of higher education to grant academic credit to certain veterans.

A2961 Concerns victim's right to rape care advocate under certain circumstances.

A3098 Modifies education requirement for licensure by the NJ State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling.

A3591 "New Voter Empowerment Act"; permits 17-year-olds to vote in primary election if they turn 18 years old before next succeeding general election.

A3615 Upgrades assault on victims who are elderly or disabled.

A3669 Provides gross income tax deduction for certain home elevation expenses.

A3783 Allows county and municipal police departments to establish designated safe areas for Internet purchase transactions; establishes public awareness campaign.

A3784 Establishes central registry of residents with special needs for use during emergencies.

A3819/S2160 Concerns unemployment compensation and labor disputes.

A3824 Establishes Office of Ombudsman for Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and their Families.

A3825 Establishes Clean Energy Technology Center and Alternative and Clean Energy Investment Trust Fund for purposes of creating clean energy-related employment opportunities; allocates revenues from societal benefits charge to support its activities.

A3901/S166 Establishes Hunterdon-Somerset Flood Advisory Task Force.

A3902 Requires disclosure by independent expenditure committees; raises certain campaign contribution limits; repeals ban on certain intraparty fund transfers.

A3903 Increases disclosure of political contributions by business entities with public contracts; creates uniform law for contributions by such entities; repeals local option to set contribution limits for business entities.

A3980 Requires issues related to prescription opioids to be included in continuing education courses for certain health care professionals.

A3982 Requires all prescriptions be transmitted electronically, subject to certain exceptions.

A4033 Establishes program in EDA providing tax credits and exemptions to certain qualified data centers.

A4050 Directs Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to forgive certain student loans in the event of student borrower death or total and permanent disability and grant deferment for temporary total disability.

A4060 Requires MVC to offer driver's license knowledge test in certain languages.

A4177 Requires certain schools to maintain supply of opioid antidotes and permits emergency administration of opioid antidote by school nurse or trained employee.

A4219 Allows minors 14 years of age or older to authorize organ donation; requires MVC to provide organ donation registration to certain minors.

A4225 Requires DOH to establish comprehensive searchable website concerning educational programs and resources available to special education students.

A4243 Bars public entities and public employees from entering into confidential settlements of "whistleblower" claims; provides that such settlements constitute public records.

A4304 Requires compilation of, and public access to, tests of soil lead levels.

A4306 Requires DEP to adopt Statewide plan to reduce lead exposure from contaminated soils and drinking water.

A4332 Requires minimum of one school bus aide for every 15 special needs students on school bus.

A4410 Concerns payment of freelance workers.

A4489 Directs Dept. of Agriculture to develop and implement beginning farmer mentoring program in cooperation with certain agricultural and educational organizations and entities.

A4490 Provides corporation business tax and gross income tax credits to persons hiring beginning farmers to perform custom farming.

A4491 Establishes "New Farmers Improvement Grant Program" to provide matching grants for farm improvements to beginning farmers.

A4492 Requires NJEDA to establish loan program to assist beginning farmers in financing capital purchases.

A4493 Establishes Garden State Young Farmers Loan Redemption Program in Higher Education Student Assistance Authority.

A4494 Provides corporation business tax and gross income tax credits to persons leasing agricultural land to beginning farmers.

A4512 Requires DCA to verify income of low-income home energy assistance benefit applicants.

A4513 Requires DCA to provide certain information on low-income home energy assistance program, annually update its low-income home energy assistance program handbook, and provide quarterly training sessions on administering program.*

A4514 Requires DCA to verify that low-income home energy assistance benefits are not awarded to deceased individuals.

A4552 Encourages local units to plan for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

A4583 Appropriates $2,988,859 from 2009 Historic Preservation Fund and constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to provide capital preservation grants for certain historic preservation projects.

A4593 Clarifies when penalty points are to be assessed for convictions of driving in an unsafe manner.

A4597/S2997 Appropriates $59,532,000 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues for State acquisition of lands for recreation and conservation purposes, including Blue Acres projects, and capital and park development projects.

A4619 Requires new voting machines purchased or leased for use in elections in this State to produce paper record of each vote cast.

A4631/S3027 Establishes State food waste reduction goal of 50 percent by 2030.

A4633 Establishes standards for food date labeling; requires Commissioner of Health to establish public education program and promulgate guidelines related to food safety.

A4634 Clarifies and expands liability protections for food donations and gleaning activities.

A4679 Allows 50 percent credit against societal benefits charge to local governments that utilize traffic signals that use light emitting diode technology.

A4681 Directs State Auditor to conduct performance review audits of public institutions of higher education.

A4685 Requires that school counselor preparation programs include credits on college and financial planning and that school districts provide professional development opportunities to school counselors on these topics.

A4686 Directs Secretary of Higher Education to establish communication campaign to encourage students to enroll in 30 credits per year and institutions to report to secretary on strategies and incentives to accomplish this goal.

A4696 Requires municipalities, public utilities, and State to use LED technology in certain street lights.

A4697 Requires installation of smart thermostats in all new residential construction.

A4698 Requires BPU to conduct study concerning zero emission credits.

A4701 Requires State's full participation in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

A4712 Provides for temporary travel license to practice chiropractic.

A4727 Allows 50 percent credit against societal benefits charge to electric or gas public utility customers who install and maintain publicly available zero emission vehicle charging stations.

A4728 Requires BPU and electric public utilities to conduct energy storage analysis. *

A4740 Provides gross income tax credit for costs to purchase and install smart thermostats.

A4748 Directs DEP to use 25 percent of any moneys received by NJ from settlement between EPA and Volkswagen, Inc. to promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and supporting infrastructure.

A4749 Establishes "Volkswagen Settlement Utilization Fund for Motor Vehicle Emissions Reduction and Air Pollution Control"; directs DEP to use moneys in fund to establish and implement certain air pollution control programs.

A4800 Requires Internet service providers to keep confidential and prohibit any disclosure, sale, or unauthorized access to subscriber's personally identifiable information unless subscriber authorizes Internet service provider in writing to disclose information.

A4801 Eliminates 14-day and theater of war service requirements for eligibility for veterans' property tax deduction and exemption.

A4864 Dedicates $140,000 from NJ Brain Injury Research Fund for community based services provided by Statewide alliance dedicated to assisting persons with brain injury through advocacy, education, information and resources, outreach, and support services.

A4933 Establishes New Jersey Civic Information Consortium; transfers $20 million annually from New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority to consortium over five-year period.

A5040 Requires NJ to join U.S. Climate Alliance to uphold Paris Climate Accord.

A5043 Requires State to uphold goals of Paris Climate Agreement.

A5044/S3352 Appropriates $8,992,898 to DEP from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues and various Green Acres funds for grants to certain nonprofit entities to acquire or develop lands for recreation and conservation purposes.

A5045/S3354 Appropriates $71,700,224 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues and various Green Acres funds to DEP for local government open space acquisition and park development projects.

A5047 Establishes requirements for DOH to issue licenses to certain hospitals to perform elective angioplasty procedures.

A5048 Designates Bog Turtle as State Reptile.

A5104 Prohibits DEP from amending certain regulations to be less stringent than certain federal regulations.

A5105 Establishes NJ's right of first refusal regarding conveyance of certain federal lands.

A5140 "Voter Privacy Act"; establishes protections for privacy of voters; prohibits automated programs to remove names of ineligible voters from official lists of eligible voters; prohibits sharing of certain voter information with federal government.

ACR25 Determines that Fish and Game Council's adopted rule to allow use of enclosed foothold traps is inconsistent with plain language and legislative intent of 1984 law banning animal traps of steel-jaw leghold type.

ACR199 Urges FDA to expedite approval of additional epinephrine auto-injector device products.

ACR235 Amends Constitution to dedicate revenues from societal benefits charge for various energy-related uses established by law.

ACR238 Urges President Trump to rescind executive order authorizing offshore oil and natural gas drilling.

AJR86 Honors 100th anniversary of NJ Nursery and Landscape Association.

AJR87 Recognizes 100th anniversary of Farm Credit East Program.

AJR116 Designates last full week in June each year as "Home and Community Garden Gleaning Week."

AR82 Urges Congress to pass "Community Broadband Act."

AR155 Condemns bigotry and hatred.

AR157 Urges State Board of Medical Examiners to adopt CDC guideline for prescribing opioids for chronic pain.

AR182 Commemorates 100th anniversary of founding of Planned Parenthood.

AR183 Urges Congress and President to enact legislation to ensure students have access to debt-free higher education at public colleges and universities.

AR227 Urges BPU to adopt goal to equip 500,000 homes with energy-saving smart thermostats by 2023.

AR229 Urges participation in Earth Hour 2017.

AR239 Expresses opposition to proposed discontinuation of Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and urges Congress to renew that funding.

AR263 Condemns President Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. from Paris Climate Accord.

AR264 Urges NJ Governor to join U.S. Climate Alliance.

2018-2019 Session

A1/S104 Concerns equal pay and employment discrimination.

A1186/S647 Permits registered voters to receive mail-in ballots automatically for all elections under certain conditions. 

A1241/S630 Provides governance, oversight, and accountability reforms at NJT.

A2143/S120 Makes FY 2018 supplemental appropriation of $7,453,000 to DOH for family planning services.

A2747 Limits time continuing care retirement communities may retain refundable entrance fee after resident vacates facility; provides for disposition of certain personal property.

A3499/S1893 Authorizes municipality, county or school district to establish charitable funds for specific purposes; permits property tax credit for certain donations.

A3628 Establishes New Jersey Civic Information Consortium.

A4210 Appropriates $15,294,000 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to DEP for State acquisition of lands for recreation and conservation purposes, including Blue Acres projects.

A4734 Appropriates $1,190,349 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to NJ Historic Trust for historic site management grants to certain historic preservation projects and associated administrative expenses.

AJR44 Designates June 4 of each year as "Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day" in New Jersey.