Bills I Have Introduced

2020-2021 Session

A-1172 Allows county and municipal police departments to establish designated safe areas for Internet purchase transactions; establishes public awareness campaign.

A-1173  Establishes central registry of residents with special needs for use during emergencies.

A-1174 Requires DOE to establish comprehensive searchable website concerning educational programs and resources available to special education students.

A-1175 Requires Internet service providers to keep confidential and prohibit any disclosure, sale, or unauthorized access to subscriber's personally identifiable information unless subscriber authorizes Internet service provider in writing to disclose information.

A-1176 Establishes requirements for DOH to issue licenses to certain hospitals to perform elective angioplasty procedures.

A-1177 Grants State employees paid leave for organ and bone marrow donations.

A-1178 Permits corporations to use blockchain technology for certain recordkeeping requirements.

A-1179 Concerns high performance green building standards for certain State buildings.

A-1180 Allows public libraries to dispose of certain materials without advertising for bids.

A-1181 Requires commercial Internet website and online service operators to conspicuously post their privacy policy.

A-1182 Clarifies liability for discharges of hazardous substances from drilling platforms that enter NJ waters.

A-1183 Allows instructional wine making facilities to sell wine for on premises consumption at certain events and donate wine to non-profits and charitable organizations.

A-1184 Requires school districts and charter schools to report discipline data on their websites and to Commissioner of Education.

A-1185 Increases Spill Compensation and Control Act cap on recovery of damages from certain dischargers.

A-1186 Requires DCA to track natural disaster-related spending by State and local government.

A-1187 Directs MVC to establish driver's license endorsement for autonomous vehicles.

A-1188 Prohibits use of bots to deceive person about origin and content of communication for certain commercial or election purposes.

A-1189 Establishes fully autonomous vehicle pilot program.

A-1190 "New Jersey Innovation Assistance Act"; establishes New Jersey Innovation Assistance Program to provide tax credits to certain businesses.

A-1191 Establishes "Beatrice Hicks Innovation Partnership"; provides funding for certain nonprofit partnerships to promote certain emerging technology businesses.

A-1192 "Chiara's Law"; prohibits euthanizing animals in shelters or pounds except for health or safety reasons.

A-1193 Establishes Statewide hydrofluorocarbon emission limit and requires DEP to establish hydrofluorocarbon emissions monitoring and reporting program.

A-1194 Provides for temporary travel license to practice chiropractic.

A-1195 Provides that State pay tax levy portion of charter school funding currently provided by resident school district.

A-1196 Establishes certain requirements concerning charter school financial reporting and prohibits charter school from contracting with for-profit charter management organization.

A-1197 Requires approval by voters or board of school estimate to establish, expand number of grade levels, or enlarge region of residence of charter schools.

A-1198 Requires charter school to achieve enrollment of student demographics of charter school district of residence and eliminates sibling enrollment priority in certain circumstances.

A-1199 Directs Commissioner of Education to maintain charter school waiting lists for admission.

A-1200  Establishes ranked-choice voting procedure for elections for Governor, State Senate, State General Assembly, United States Senate and House of Representatives, and presidential primaries and general elections for electors for United States President and Vice-President.

A-1201 Establishes Division of Gifted and Talented Education in DOE; directs State Board of Education to authorize gifted education endorsement to instructional certificate; and establishes certain other requirements related to gifted and talented education.

A-1202 Requires, by energy year 2050, all electric power sold in NJ by each electric power supplier and basic generation service provider to be from zero-carbon sources.

A-1203 "Department of Commerce and Innovation Act"; establishes Department of Commerce and Innovation as principal department in Executive Branch of State government; appropriates $1 million.

A-1204 Makes various changes to reporting requirements for independent expenditure committees.

A-1205 Requires district recycling plans to include compostable waste among source separated recyclable materials.

A-1206 Makes various changes to reporting requirements for independent expenditure committees; establishes reporting requirements for policy impact committees.

A-1207 Requires professional licensing boards to issue licenses for certain individuals with good standing licenses or certification in other jurisdictions under certain circumstances.

A-1208 Provides tax credits for hiring certain military spouses.

A-1209 Institutes moratorium on black bear hunting until adoption of new comprehensive policy on black bear management.

A-1210 Requires public hearing prior to use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement agency.

A-1211 Prohibits cropping or altering the tail or ears of dog; establishes as animal cruelty offense.

A-2763 "New Voter Empowerment Act"; permits 17 year olds to vote in primary election if they turn 18 years old before next succeeding general election.

A-2764 Eliminates requirement under veterans' gross income tax exemption that taxpayer serve in active duty status or federal active duty status to qualify for exemption.

A-3303 Concerns payment of independent contractors.

A-3594 Renames "board of chosen freeholders" to "board of county commissioners" and "freeholder" and "chosen freeholder" to "county commissioner"; requires counties to update materials to reflect this title change.

A-3591 Permits county clerk to remove voters from vote-by-mail lists under certain circumstances; requires certain information to increase public awareness and use of voting by mail; requires certain mail-in ballots to be retained.

A-3283 "New Jersey Disclosure and Accountability Transparency Act (NJ DaTA) establishes certain requirements for disclosure and processing of personally identifiable information; establishes Office of Data Protection and Responsible Use in Division of Consumer Affairs.

A-3642 "New Jersey Innovation Evergreen Act"; authorizes sale of tax credits to fund investments in certain New Jersey high-growth businesses.

A-3625 Imposes moratorium on collection of biometric identifiers by public entities and requires AG to recommend appropriate uses; restricts private use of biometric information.

A-3913 Concerns family leave benefits during epidemic-related emergencies.

A-4145 Requires BPU to establish and maintain electronic docketing system providing online document access to public.

A-4170 Restricts use of certain data collected for purposes of contact tracing related to COVID-19 pandemic.

A-4276 Establishes "The Ballot Cure Act" to modify and establish various voting procedures.

A-4320 Requires certain information to increase public awareness and use of voting by mail; extends deadline for mail-in ballots to be received and canvassed; requires certain mail-in ballots to be retained.

A-4579 Permits county board of elections to begin counting mail-in ballots up to 14 days prior to election day.

A-4580 Establishes requirements for sale of home baked goods.

A-4635 Revises financial reporting requirements for charitable organizations; excludes non-monetary in-kind donations from gross revenue for purpose of reporting requirements.

A-1943 Establishes license to allow wineries that produce more than 250,000 gallons per year to directly ship wine to consumers.

A-4808 Establishes office in BPU to assist in provision and expansion of broadband Internet service in State to address inequities in accessing broadband service.

A-4830 Requires in person early voting period for certain elections; makes appropriation.

A-4865 Appropriates $300,000 from General Fund to New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University.

A-4985 Prohibits deceptive audio or visual media content of candidate for elective public office within 60 days of election.

A-5013 Directs Secretary of State to develop national marketing campaign promoting State's innovation economy.

A-5080 Appropriates $3,763,625 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for grants to certain nonprofit organizations for farmland preservation purposes.

A-5223 Establishes State purchasing preference for low embodied carbon concrete, provides CBT tax credit for costs of conducting environmental product declaration analysis.

A-5446 Appropriates $15 million in federal funds to EDA to support businesses and nonprofits in need.

A-5449 Removes certain property rights of State agencies in certain instances.

A-5491 Requires Internet websites and mobile applications obtain affirmative consent from user before changing terms-of-service agreement.

A-5489 Clarifies municipal consent over cemeteries.

A-5490 Establishes "Twelfth Grade Postsecondary Transition Year Pilot Program" in Department of Education.

A-5508 Concerns rights and obligations of employers and employees regarding use of cannabis terms.

A-5509 Provides that in civil actions, calculations of damages for lost earnings or impaired earning capacity resulting from personal injury or wrongful death shall not be reduced based on race, ethnicity, or gender.

A-5510 "Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act"; provides alternative process for handling partition actions filed in court concerning real property with multiple owners, at least one of whom had acquired title from relative.