Curbing the Influence of Special-Interest Groups on NJ Elections

Independent spending in New Jersey elections has grown so large and influential that lawmakers need to act soon and require transparency from special-interest groups, says the state’s election watchdog.

Special-interest groups have proliferated wildly this decade, and legislators have introduced bills in both houses to require them to disclose funders and make other changes designed to strengthen old-fashioned candidate committees and party committees. So far, there has been no action on the measures.

“At this time, when our very democracy is under threat, being able to shine a light on where the money used to influence elections comes from is even more critical than ever,” said Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker (D-Middlesex). He is one of the sponsors of A-1524, a bipartisan bill to revise the state’s campaign-finance laws to include disclosure of contributions by independent spending groups.

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