Protecting Our Planet

We must take massive action to stop and reverse the ills of climate change. Here are some of my current bills aiming to do just that:

A-1202 Requires, by year 2050, all-electric power sold in NJ by each electric power supplier and basic generation service provider to be from zero-carbon sources.

A-5223 Establishes a purchasing preference for low embodied carbon concrete 

A-4606 (now law!) Requires the State to use a 20-year time horizon and the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Report when calculating global warming potential to measure the impact of greenhouse gasses.


My job, as a legislator, is to put the policies forth and mechanisms in place to foster an innovative economy, but then I have to hand that off to the universities and private sector and let it organically grow.
I helped reestablish NJ'S Commission on Science, Innovation & Technology. I also sponsored the Evergreen Fund, which will allow the state will invest in innovative companies. 



Achieving a more equitable and accessible voting procedure has been one of my key priorities since I have become a member of the legislature. I have sponsored several bills that now are laws aimed at facilitating democracy expansion:

A4830- Early Voting- provides residents in New Jersey the opportunity to vote 9 days early in our elections.

A4276 - Ballot Cure Act. You can fix or “cure” mail-in ballot problems that could have invalidated your vote – the most fundamental right in our democracy.

I support same day voter registration and ranked choice voting. 


One of my biggest priorities in the next year is continuing to help our small businesses and transforming how the state helps Main Street. Throughout the pandemic, I sponsored legislation to direct over $355 million to aid our small businesses and restaurant industry to help keep their lights on and doors open. Not only have I fought for immediate relief for our small businesses, but I have sponsored legislation to drive outside investment into startups through incentive programs. In addition, I have supported efforts for New Jersey to capture more federal and private funding sources. 



Active Duty Service Members, Veterans, and their families sacrifice much to allow our flag to remain standing. 


We owe them a debt that can never be fully repaid, but passing laws to improve their quality of life is a good first step. Here are a few bills I support:

A5429- Allows for a property tax exemption for honorably discharged veterans having a service-connected permanent disability.

A267- This would allow New Jersey National  Guard members to become eligible for certain Veteran's benefits.

A2763- This would eliminate the requirement that a Veteran taxpayer serve in federal active duty status to qualify for an income tax exemption.

A3643- This bill provides that no professional or occupational board shall charge a license application fee to an applicant who is the spouse or dependent of an active-duty service member. (This would make it easier for spouses/dependents to find employment in NJ)


New Jersey must protect access to time-sensitive care and prioritize the health and well-being of New Jerseyans seeking birth control and pregnancy-related care, including abortion. 


I support the Reproductive Freedom Act.

reproductive justice.jpeg


It is critical that we make New Jersey more affordable to live so that Seniors are able to retire here. I was a prime sponsor of a law to raise the pension income exclusion rate,  and I continue to fight for the State to fully fund the pension system, the homestead rebate, and increase senior freeze.