The candidate with the most support should win, right? Here’s how to make that happen in N.J., lawmaker says

Throughout our history, Americans have constantly sought ways to make our democracy stronger and more inclusive. The latest example came last week in New York City, where voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot question that will make sure no candidate for office is elected without support from a majority of voters.

Starting in 2021, when New Yorkers vote for mayor, city council, and other municipal posts they can make use of ranked-choice voting, a reform that gives voters more power by giving them more votes.

They will join nearly 20 cities, including San Francisco, Oakland, Minneapolis, and St. Paul and the state of Maine that use ranked-choice voting for their elections

It’s within New Jersey’s grasp to join them. In the process, we can increase turnout, discourage negative campaigning, provide greater choice and – while we’re at it – reduce the impact of money in politics.