Statement of Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker on Budget Passage and Horizon Bill

(Skillman, NJ) -- On July 4th, Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker issued the following statement on the budget being passed and the Horizon Bill:

"Early this morning, we passed the 2017-2018 budget and state parks and beaches are open for all.  More importantly, state offices are back on a normal schedule and state workers are back to their jobs.  In addition, we are expanding pre-K, beginning to tackle inequities in school funding, and protecting programs that provide needed services for some of our most vulnerable citizens.  

Along with the budget, the Legislature passed a bill concerning Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. Modeled after legislation in other states, any excess funds will be returned to the policyholders and there is no “money grab” or takeover of the company. No matter what you read online, this was an enormous defeat for the Governor as he heads into the last six months of his administration.

Democracy is messy and there is much to do tomorrow and in the days ahead.  Today, we pause and gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth of our country."