Vaccine Update

4 February 2021

Dear Friends:

The good news is that so many of you are very eager to get vaccinated. The bad news is that the demand for the vaccine exceeded the state supply. 

I know the process of obtaining a COVID-19 vaccination for some has been stressful, frustrating, and exhausting. I hear your concerns loud and clear. More supplies are expected and the issues with getting the registration system working smoothly are being addressed. As the national supply chain increases and new vaccines receive federal emergency use authorization, the supply will start to better support the demand. I am working in partnership with our state and local officials to address these issues as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, the latest information from the NJ Department of Health about the vaccination program can be found at:

A few highlights include:

  • Because of the storm, vaccination sites were closed on Feb. 1 and services in some locations were disrupted on Tuesday, Feb. 2. If you made an appointment through the New Jersey Vaccine Scheduling System that was cancelled, you will receive an email  with a rescheduled appointment by the end of the week. If you made your appointment through another system, rescheduling should take place through that alternate system.
  • There is now a COVID-19 vaccine hotline — (855) 568-0545 — to answer questions and to help set up an appointment for your first or second dose. The hotline experiences high call volumes so you may need to be patient in order to reach a representative.
  • Supplies have been allocated for the second doses. Most people were given a follow-up appointment at their initial appointment, and those still without a second-dose appointment can call the COVID-19 vaccine hotline.

If we can assist you in any way, please email or call my office at (732) 823-1684. Whether or not you have gotten a vaccine, I thank you for adhering strictly to the crucially important COVID social distancing and masking protocols.

Take care,

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker
16th Legislative District