Zwicker Supports Legislature's Creation of Delaware-Raritan Flood Task Force

The Delaware River and Raritan River basins have a long history of flooding during storms.  The most notable of these flood events in recent history occurred during Hurricane Sandy, and it caused millions of dollars in damage.  In my District, Manville Borough was very severely impacted, and there are still homeowners there trying to figure out how to move forward.  It is clear, however, that this problem is too big for one municipality to solve.  I was glad to sponsor this bill because I believe the regional task force will create accountability and leadership to get this done.  

Assembly OKs creation of Delaware, Raritan flood task force

by Mike Deak,

The Hunterdon-Somerset Flood Advisory Task Force will review emergency plans, assess conditions leading to flooding, and identify ways to minimize future damage

TRENTON - While Bound Brook may be no longer in harm's way of flood waters from the Raritan River, other towns still have to worry when dark clouds and ominous forecasts bring the threat of flooding in the basin of the longest river within New Jersey borders.

Likewise, those worries are also felt in the towns along the Delaware River who have to be watchful if an upstream cloudburst dozens and dozens miles away brings floodwaters rampaging down the Delaware Valley.

That's why both houses of the state legislature unanimously approved bills creating the Hunterdon-Somerset Flood Advisory Task Force. The state Senate approved the legislation in March while the bill passed the Assembly on June 27.

The final passage of the bill comes just weeks before federal flood maps are revised to take all parts of Bound Brook out of a high-risk flood zone after the completion of the Bound Brook portion of the Green Brook Brook Flood Control Project by the Army Corps of Engineers.

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