Zwicker issues statement about restoring "net neutrality"

TRENTON, NJ - Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker (D-Somerset, Mercer, Middlesex, Hunterdon), chair of the Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology Committee, is staunchly advocating for the passage of three bills in the New Jersey Legislature that would help restore “net neutrality.” Zwicker issued the following statement today:

“Imagine being a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan and having to pay extra to watch the series finale on Sunday simply because your internet service provider (ISP) wanted to make extra profit off of what will be one of the most-watched television shows in history. If we don’t take steps to preserve the principle of ‘net neutrality,’ this type of scenario will likely be part of our future.

“Under net neutrality, when you pay your ISP a monthly fee for accessing the internet, whether it is to check email, watch a movie, post a photo with friends on social media, or research a topic, you are in control, not the ISP.


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